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Our Vision

To provide the beauty industry with the highest quality products available, to make them affordable without compromising our integrity.


Purpose and Philosophy

Here at Ashea, we believe the hairdresser matters. We have partnered with hair stylists across the country in our effort to build a better brand. We set out to make a difference in the market place and have are. We believe education is paramount to our industry. We spend time with each educator so they can be the best at what they do. We utilize every information system. Knowledge is only powerful when applied. Ashea takes pride in educating the professional as well as the consumer.


The more you know about Ashea the more you’ll want Ashea.We welcome your questions, comments we even welcome your criticisms. At Ashea we are willing to do what it takes to be your brand.

Over 10 years ago, a salon owner was frustrated with the quality of products and the service he was receiving from manufacturers and distributors. He decided he could do it better. He knew the only way to know what hairdressers wanted was to ask them. So he did. He asked over 200 stylists what they wanted from their product He knew if he gave them what they wanted he would have their commitment. From that day until now, he has not waivered.


From this Ashea was born.Now more than ever, we are dedicated to satisfying your every hair care need. The difference between Ashea and others is that we acknowledge the difference in hair care requirements. Our chemist uses natural ingredients and cutting edge technology. This knowledge has helped create one of the most requested products in the marketplace.Shea butter is the key ingredient in our product. Shea butter is used to re-hydrate hair and skin which may have suffered a loss of moisture. This dehydrated state may exist due to chemical over processing or heat elements (blow dryers, flat irons, etc.).

When Shea butter is added to the relaxer, the results are amazing. Once the hair is relaxed to the desired degree of straightness, the texture and feel is soft, silky and shiny. Ashea blends the right amount of Shea butter to add moisture for optimal conditioning. We make a sodium-base relaxer as well as a sensitive scalp formula. We have a complete line of shampoos and treatments to satisfy every hair type and texture. We also have a full wet line and finishing products for shine and holding.We believe a well informed stylist is best. You are invited to join us at one of the many education forums we hold throughout the year. Ashea’s director of education has over thirty years of experience in the industry. She takes pride in educating stylists on everything Ashea... Hair is what we do, and we do it well!

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